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Business and Commercial Fire Protection Security

Fire is a devastating threat that can end lives and demolish property in seconds.Business and commercial fire protection securityis necessary to protect your employees and your valuable assets from the destructive force of fire.

Providing Certified Fire Protection Security

Selecting a fire detection system from Certified Security Systems has never been easier. We engineer fire detection and fire protection systems ranging from simple waterflow fire protection to intermediate and large fire control safety systems. All our fire detection and protection systems comply with the most stringent fire safety guidelines and meet both local and national fire safety standards for that matter.

Early Fire Detection and Prevention – Seconds Count

A fire detection system offers detailed information on the origin and type of the fire at large and helps firefighters quickly find the source of the blaze.

A vital element in your security and safety arsenal, business fire detection and protection security systems can prevent and save loss of life and property, even in your absence.

FIRE – The Ultimate Disaster

Fire is one disaster that could put you right out of business. Certified fire detection systems offer you a reliable yet affordable mode of protection that complies with the most stringent fire safety standards. Our UL-approved manual pull stations allow for the manual activation of your fire alarm system, if need be. Our supervised smoke detectors give you additional protection from potential fire hazards.

Waterflow Supervisory Systems - Reducing Water Damage

To prevent accidental water damage, use our certified waterflow supervisory systems. Our certified waterflow supervisory systems report to the central station monitoring team whenever water begins to flow through a sprinkler. This allows you to minimize the effects of accidental water damage as well.

Certified Business and Commercial Fire Protection Security Systems
  • Manual Fire Alarm Stations for fire protection
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Systems to protect you from fire
  • Waterflow Systems to reduce water damage
  • Products Comply to Stringent Fire Codes and Fire Safety Standards